Fado is World Heritage

UNESCO decided yesterday that the most traditional Portuguese music genre, fado, will be included in the World Intangible Heritage list. The decision was made at a meeting of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee in the Indonesian resort of Bali island.
Fado was one of the 49 cultural expressions that were in consideration to be part of the intangible cultural heritage. The Portuguese bid, unanimously accepted, was considered to be a model for other countries that want their cultural expressions recognized by UNESCO. It took six years since former Lisbon mayor Pedro Santana Lopes came up with the idea that fado should be considered as a cultural heritage. “We are making a rescue plan of this music with five axes, that include the creation of a repository network that will work integrated; we will build a digital collection of all fado recordings,” said Sara Pereira, director of the Fado Museum. Efforts will also be made to publish the bibliographical sources on this music gendre, launch an educative program that includes a special school training luthiers specialized in the Portuguese guitar and include the fado in school programs, said Pereira. They will also create a fado route in Lisbon, that will include all important places for this gendre of music.


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