Photographic Competition @ The Castelnau

Let the landscape around Castelnau des Fieumarcon inspire your visual senses !
The wonderful setting of the medieval stronghold has captured the imagination of poets, painters, sculptors and photographers alike for generations creating a heritage present in many of our guest houses.
We would like to invite you to participate in this tradition…
If you send us your best photo by the end of September 2013, you could win a 2 night stay in one of our village houses !

You can present as many pictures as you like but in order to facilitate selection a maximum of 5 will be appreciated. Please send in Jpeg format.
The jury will be composed only by the management of the Castelnau. A selection of our favourite photos (credited) will be presented on this website.
The winner will be announced by Christmas 2014.
The runner up will receive a 30% off voucher to be used for any weekend stay during 2014 (subject to availability).
To be fair, this competition is not open to professional photographers !



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